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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget?
Gov. Cuomo’s proposed 2019-2020 budget includes an expansion of the bottle bill law to include non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, teas and sports drinks. The original bottle bill was enacted more than 35 years ago and requires stores to charge customers an extra 5 cents on beverage containers.
Do forced deposits work better than curbside recycling?
In short – no. Bottle bills, also known as forced deposits, were enacted before the widespread use of curbside recycling. Today, consumers pay for recycling services at home, and those who continue to recycle at home for the convenience will end up paying an additional tax on their containers.

Expanding the bottle bill will have almost no impact on recycling rates. It will simply shift recyclable material from curbside programs to the forced deposit program. And in addition to resulting in higher costs for consumers, it would add more than $50 million to the net operating costs of New York redemption centers, retailers and distributors.
Aren’t forced deposits good for the environment?
The environmental benefit of expanding the bottle bill will be very minimal because most of these containers are already being recycled at home. Curbside recycling is much more convenient and cost-effective. Expanding the forced deposit program would not improve recycling rates, it would just be an extra burden on New York residents.

Comprehensive curbside recycling programs target 30% to 40% of the residential waste stream, while a forced deposit system targets only 3% to 4%. Rather than promoting a system that competes with curbside recycling, we should be adopting the latest best practices for our local recycling programs and investing in initiatives that enable people to reduce waste and recycle even more material at home.

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